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Book Cover: Lubna Yusuf

Dear Readers,

This Christmas, I bring to you my first book of Essays and Letters, The White Pebble. Filled with subtle observations and delightful anecdotes amidst the ordinary, the book has a series of love letters to life that lead to a path to overcome and conquer ourselves.
A book of silent sighs and gentle smiles that is perfect fodder for hope, positivity and spirituality to discover the metaphorical white pebble in each of us.
I can’t wait to hear your reviews and feedback.

Thank you for all your warmth and support!



Book Covers

Dear Readers,

Two of my paperback books have made it to the top 50 Bestsellers rank in Asian Literature today.

A Teaspoon of Poems is at #23 and
A Picture of Time is at #48

In the Hot New Releases Category of Asian Literature,

A Teaspoon of Poems is at #12 and
A Picture of Time is at #21

This from an out-of-nowhere self published author is a marked day of blessings and love. I am truly grateful to each of my readers who have made this possible. Thank you for being my reader.

Truly grateful.

Love & Blessings,


#1 Amazon Bestseller: Thank you Australia

Dear Readers,

It fills me with immense hope and gratitude to share with you that my book, 50 Shots of Love: India’s First Book of Monoku Poems and Illustrations, is at #1 List of Bestsellers in Amazon Hot New Releases in Love Poetry Section…

Everywhere I go

Oil Pastels on Paper Lubna Yusuf | Tulips, Netherlands |

I am not lost, but everywhere I go
I am looking for me,
even in places I haven’t been to
in people I am yet to know
in grocery aisles and street lights,
in time and things passing by
from clouds to the sound of rustling leaves
I am always listening, thinking, wanting
for no one in particular
the waves play touch and go
and the sea looks back at me
in shades of blue, grey, and green
and just like that, the day ends
to begin again
and I go looking for me
with me

Poet Lubna Yusuf

You may like to read her new book of essays and letters, The White Pebble

Lubna Yusuf

BOOKS: | Author, Lawyer, Filmmaker, Multidisciplinary Artist |Co-author TheAIBook | Instagram @iglubna

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